Time Spent with a Friend


film description

A short film inspired by a long weekend away with friends to Austria.

I'm very lucky to have a number of friends that I adore. But now as an 'adult' time with friends feels much more fleeting.

I made this short film as a reminder to myself to appreciate each friend who adds a little more light and laughter into my life.

Film poem:

We spend so many years surrounded by our friends

Playing until it gets dark thinking it will never end.

From nursery, school, college maybe university

There’s always someone there the way life feels like it should be.

But what happens when you grow out of it all

You’re meant to be waiting to afford a mortgage saving up wall by wall.

There’s no longer this luxury of having them constantly around

You’re defend by the silence that horrible lonely sound.

At 6 years old they taught you to run, to sing to swing to bike

At 16 years old they taught you to love, how to argue and make up from a fight.

At 26 years old your meant to have your future set and ready for you

Those friends that constantly were there are meant to have that too.

You can no longer turn to your flatmate, or the ones that knew you best

Because your older and more ‘stable’, your meant to be able to deal with the stress.

Our society likes to build you into your little box

We run around each day depending on our clocks.

I know if I don’t take the time to be engrossed by a friend

Very quickly I’ll feel the defining silence really start to descend.

When you get the time to catch up with your mates

Listen well, laugh hard, treasure that time you take.

Those precious seconds are far to fleeting

Because we are meant to be more consumed by a business meeting.

But what minutes will you remember the most?

The ones that turned you quicker into a ghost?

Or the times you spent laughing until it really hurt

Like that 6 year old kid not caring about the dirt.

I know I’m not old, just in my late 20s today

But I’ll cherish these happy moments because they’re not always here to stay.

Don't forget those limitless hours do come to an end

Never again will I take for granted the time spent with a friend.