Shaped by the Highlands

We live in a world where we are addicted to our phones. Checking the latest stories on Instagram and Snapchat, often living our lives through social media. The importance of taking time out from our hectic lives, to live in the moment, to interact with the people next to us, is something that sometimes seems forgotten.

Short film called “Shaped by the Highlands" produced here at Robyn Spice Media

So meet Lynn Munro, 25 years old and yet to own a smartphone. Her passion for the outdoors is infectious. Her love for listening and finding inspiration from every person she meets is something, I believe, we don't see enough. After spending 48 hours in her presence to shoot this short film, she showed me how to re connect with the simple things in life. Sleeping outside under the stars, waking up early to view a sunrise and the power of conversation in big open spaces. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the beautiful Scottish countryside, but through work and study I found myself loosing my appreciation for big open spaces. I can't thank Lynn enough for reconnecting my love for large landscapes.

A video and connecting with the Scottish environment

So after watching this video, head outside, climb a hill to see a view you wouldn't otherwise see and take a second to appreciate the beauty around you.

Thank you Lynn for allowing me into your home and world in the beautiful Scottish highlands.

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