Our View - Podcast

Even in 2019 coming out is hard! It can be difficult for individuals within the LGBTQ+ community to find stories that are relatable. 

Each week, join me as I interview guests who are navigating their own experiences regarding LGBTQ+ issues. 

If you are considering coming out to friends and family, identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, or are a family member/friend of someone who has come out and are looking to become more informed, this is the podcast for you.

Available on multiple podcasting platforms including: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor and Stitcher.

Episode 1

Interviewing my former therapist

Coming out as gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender or any other LGBTQ+ identity can be a really difficult process! I discuss this process with therapist Kathleen Kettles including: her advice on telling parents/grandparents about coming out, sexual/gender fluidity, dealing with a crush on a best friend and recommendations for individuals who don't feel part of a community. 

Episode 3

Gender and the non-binary community

This week I am really excited to share my interview with the amazing Rylee. We discuss issues faced within the non-binary community. Many societies often recognise two genders, male and female. Non-binary is one term people use to describe genders that don’t fall into one of the two categories of male or female.

 Non-binary people aren’t following a new 'millennial' fad – non-binary identities have been recognised for years by cultures and societies around the world. So in today’s episode I speak to Rylee to try and help shed more light for people who would like to learn more about the non-binary community. 

Episode 2

2009 vs 2019

The #10yearchallenge is all over social media. Some people are taking the opportunity to show themselves as a geeky teen, while others are discussing more serious issues such as global warming and the extinction of animals. 

In this episode of "Our View" I reflect on my high school days and some of the challenges I faced as a closeted gay teen living in a rural community.



New Film - “You SAved me”

Often when thinking of rescue dogs we think about how we are saving them from their past.

Taking them away from cruelty, neglect, abuse, pain and suffering. My dog Marley lived a pretty hard life. He lived on the streets, spent 18 months in kennels suffering different forms of abuse. When he arrived at my doorstep I expected to find a broken dog. Instead I found a dog willing to love and trust me. Within this short film I explore that although Marley needed help being rescued from a harsh life that was thrust upon him due to no fault of his own, it was actually him who saved me.

This film is my submission to the 2019 Moment Invitational Film Festival and was shot in Stirling, Bridge of Allan, Aberdeenshire and Lunan Bay. The film was recorded entirely on an iPhone X and tells Marley's story from both his and my POV. The film was edited on Adobe Premier Pro. The film was shot by myself, Robyn Spice, with the assistance of my dog Marley.