An Untold Story


An Untold Story is a short film about the issues of coming out as a gay/lesbian person in a small rural community in Scotland. The film focuses on the struggle of telling the truth, falling in love with someone of the same sex and dealing with the consequences of keeping feelings held in.

I’d normally say I am happy to release my latest film, but this time I am nervous and a little scared about putting this online. My goal is to be a storyteller, to tell other people’s powerful and inspiring stories. However, recently I have been feeling guilty, asking people to go in front of the camera, to be open and honest about issues they might be slightly uncomfortable talking about, without doing so myself.

Still photography from a short LGBTQ+ film made in Scotland at Robyn Spice Media

Although I wasn’t born to go in front of the camera, I feel pretty shy and nervous as soon as the lens is pointed at me. I felt this video was a necessary step for me as a filmmaker. So without too much more waffle from me, I give you my latest short film… “An Untold Story”

Shot on: Sony A7sii (filmed in 4k at 25 FPS) Lens Used:

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A short film on LGBTQ+ issues and mental health