Working on video production in remote Scottish locations with Robyn Spice Media


Robyn Spice Media is a Scottish based visual production company. We specialise in the production of video and photography content. We deliver high quality content that will share the story of your brand, personal experience or unique message. With each project we plan and produce content that will captivate your target audience.

Although based in Stirling, Scotland RSM can go on the road. Projects have taken us to places around the UK and as far a field as Australia and New Zealand. 

Don't be afraid to get in touch to discuss your videography, photography and social media needs. 

About Robyn: 

I'm 26 years old with several years experience as a content creator. It is my goal and my passion to tell meaningful stories. I believe that every person or brand has a powerful and unique story to tell. I look to tell this through my videography and photography work. 

As a qualified personal trainer I regularly work with clients in the Fitness Industry to help aid their online personal training businesses. 

I have a passion for the outdoors and have recently worked on a number of short films, capturing Scottish Landscapes

Apart from work, I spend a lot of exercising, enjoying the gorgeous Scottish countryside and binging on Netflix series.  

I spend my money on: plane tickets (although I'm a terrible flyer), camera gear (obviously) and coffee (flat whites as I'm a millennial...)


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services do you offer?

Quite a few! We offer a number of different video and photography services including: event videography/photography, business promotional content, wedding filmmaking/photography, music videos and feature/short filmmaking services.

Where do you film?

We love to travel! Although based in Stirling we can go on location across Scotland and throughout the rest of the United Kingdom to produce high quality digital content.

What equipment do you use?

Our main camera is a Sony A7Sii (named Sonya) and we spend the majority of our time working with clients creating video content and taking photos for their businesses. Our films are shot at either 4K or HD 1080p depending on our clients needs. Shots are made smooth by an awesome Freefly MōVI M5 Camera Stabiliser (named Franky). Audio is captured on our external field microphones, lav mics and a shotgun microphone to produce the highest quality sound. 

What are your prices?

This is a difficult question to answer without hearing your specific videography, photography or social media needs. That’s why it is best to get in touch to let us know what you are looking for. Basic packages usually start at £125.

What have you filmed previously?

It has been a lot of fun working on numerous numerous video and photography projects throughout Scotland, including: promotional videos, wedding films, short and feature length films, sporting event photography/videography and music videos.

Do you use contracts?

Yes we do. It is standard practice for professional videography and photography companies to ask clients to sign contracts. This is to protect both parties and clarify exactly what is expected from the clients and what Robyn Spice Media will provide. A contract allows us to be extremely prepared so that our content is produced as professionally as possible.

What am I paying for when I hire a videographer?

A lot goes into creating a professional video, other than the hours of direct filming. That question pretty much needs it’s own article, but keep in mind, the hours and cost involved with: Administration, enquiries, marketing, gear (cameras, tripods, audio recording equipment, lighting, and a bunch of special tools to help us get some epic shots). This includes but isn’t limited to: gear maintenance, transport to filming locations, meeting with clients to discuss the project, preparation (storyboarding, charging batteries, clearing SD cards), filming on location, editing (downloading footage, watching through all of the footage to find the best shots, cutting down footage, choosing music that helps tell your story, colour grading, audio work, exporting and uploading).